Boyflux education!!


Firstly this is made by a transmasc boyflux person so I am talking from some of my own experiences here. Second experiences aren’t universal so not everyone will experience the same thing with this identity. This is made to help and educate so please don’t be afraid to contact me (@enboyouma on twitter) if you something is off.


Boyflux is a gender identity that falls under the nonbinary spectrum. Though it’s not an absolute necessity i think it is important to understand the nonbinary spectrum before you go further. Do you understand the nonbinary spectrum?

Genderflux vs. Genderfluid

Boyflux is a type of genderflux. In order to understand it it’s important to know the difference between genderflux and genderfluid. Genderfluidity entails
fluidity between multiple genders
while genderflux entails
intensity of gender shifting over time.
They have many similarities yes but they are fundamentally different. As someone who is boyflux the best way i can explain genderflux is to imagine gender on a scale, one day someone will feel 100% a certain binary and the next 60% then 20% then it can shoot back up to 90%. That kind of fluctuation between intensity of gender is what genderflux is. Where as someone who is genderfluid may feel as thought they are agender one day and a demiboy the next back to agender and then a boy for a week.


Boyflux is a kind of genderflux. Where the intensity of being a boy shifts over time. This can entail many things. For example someone may fluctuate between being a boy and being a demiboy over time and that would be a valid boyflux experience. Someone may also fluctuate between being a demiboy and agender and that would also be a valid boyflux experience. These are just two examples the only thing that matters is that you fluctuate between some male or un aligning identity and something else through time. There isn’t two rigid identities that you must fluctuate between but you
can’t fluctuate into being female.
there are identities that experience genderflux between multiple genders, if you are looking for one maybe check out multiflux.


Boyflux people can use any pronouns. Wether that be she/her, he/him, they/them, neopronouns, or a combination. Someone may use pronouns for a million reasons and maybe just something as simple as comfortability. It doesn’t matter what pronouns they use because it’s their identity their comfort their pronouns so if you see a boyflux person using she/her pronouns do us all a favor and mind your business.

Am i boyflux??

Well i can’t tell you. Or give you a quiz or checklist or anything. However, if this peaked your interest then it’s worth checking out!! There are no certain pronouns or clothes or names or anything that you “need” to be boyflux. So don’t rush yourself or feel pressured to “be” anything because you “need” to in order to fit this label.

More info on boyflux